An Open Thank You Letter on My Job Search

Here’s a note I finally got around to emailing.  Since I’ve received tremendous support from many people I “met” through blogging, I though it would be appropriate to post it here, too.  Thank you!


This is a bit late, but I wanted to thank you for your role in helping me land a new position, since it truly takes a village to find a job as well as raise a child.  I’m doing this bcc since I have many people to thank.  If you’re on this email, you’ve offered me a job lead, a networking interview, a reference, some good advice, or perhaps just a kind word of encouragement, all of which is greatly appreciated!

I’m thrilled to announce that I started a position last month as a Program Officer for the Eisenhower Fellowships. Although this is perhaps not the job I tailored my resume for, it turns out that I found a perfect fit for someone with my eclectic background and range of interests.  Bonus: it’s even related to that master’s degree in international relations I earned eons ago.
I’m not sure where else I’d find a job that requires me to research Thai television spectrum auctions, follow the status of Muslim insurrections in the Philippines, figure out the best place to stay in Research Triangle, NC without a car, and track down a variety of film producers, venture capitalists, policy wonks, and imams in various US cities.  That’s all in a day’s work, as I develop the program for each of my international fellows before they arrive to crisscross the country for a frenetic seven weeks. The job is guidance counselor, travel agent, and geek, all rolled into one.
For now, this is a contract position until early December, but it’s definitely been an experience already. I found this job through networking, and would not have landed here without countless hours of job leads, advice, and encouragement from you and others in my network.
My advice for fellow job seekers: it may be impossible to predict where your job search will eventually take you, but you WILL get there.  And eventually you’ll find that you got to where you were meant to be.  (For that matter, this advice extends to life in general.)
If I can ever be of assistance to you, in a job search or otherwise, please let me know.