I’m currently seeking a return to the job market full-time, and began this blog as an attempt to capture some of my thoughts along the way.  Last year, my husband was laid off from a well-paid job at a company he’d been with for 19 years.  He has since found a position he loves within the non-profit sector, but what he gained in satisfaction, he lost in compensation.  This was the kick in the pants I needed to begin to search seriously for full-time work again.  I don’t expect the search to be easy or quick, but I’m highly motivated to be successful.

I’m based in the Philadelphia area, and right now I’m focusing my job search on project management and marketing roles in financial services (where I’ve spent a good chunk of my career) and the non-profit sector.  Since I left full-time work, I’ve worked part-time at three different companies while balancing family responsibilities.  I’ve also somehow acquired enough volunteer responsibilities to take up a decent chunk of my time.

To learn more about why I quit a perfectly good job, see my first post, “How It All Began.”

To learn more about my professional background, you can visit my linkedin profile: www.linkedin.com/in/kellyjohnsonpa/

Here are my reasons for starting this blog:

1)    Writing is therapeutic.  It’s a good way to clarify my thoughts and make myself more accountable.  It’s also a great way to vent, although most of those posts don’t make it online.

2)    Other job seekers might find my writings to be relevant and encouraging, if only in the manner of game shows with easy questions.  (As in, hey, at least I’m not as clueless as the guy who missed that question!)

3)    Those little analytics pages that show clicks and views by geography are pretty addicting, even for a tiny blog like mine.  (As in wow, someone from Sri Lanka is reading my blog?)  It’s also fun to learn which posts generate the most readers, and what kind of external links are most effective.

4)    Perhaps an employer will learn something about me, or at least be able to confirm that I’m a normal human being who would be an asset rather than a liability to their organization.


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