V is for Veracity

In a weak moment, (shall we call it the thrill of the venator?) I applied for a position for which I don’t technically have all of the skills they want.  Even stranger, this company decided to interview me, so now I’m faced with a situation in which I need to balance the need to be truthful, yet focus on the skills I do have, without straying into vaniloquence.  As I’m not naturally volable in a stressful situation, I expect to come out of the interview feeling like I’ve been vapulated.  At least it’s only a phone interview!

Thank you to the website phrontistery for a source of obscure V words! 

  • veracity – truth
  • venator – hunter
  • vaniloquence – vain or foolish talk
  • volable – nimble-witted
  • vapulate – to flog or whip

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