U is for Uncertainty

This is a theme I’ve written about several times before.  One of the most difficult things about going through a life transition is the uncertainty about not knowing where you’ll end up.  Most people can adjust to new circumstances, but it’s maddening not being able to plan for the unknown.  Job hunting, like many other transitions, involves a lot of “hurry up and wait” circumstances. Image

For example, the end of the school year involves a flurry of events for parents to attend, after-school plays and sports practices, and other activities that take place within normal business hours.  All of which can be planned for, if one knows where one needs to be on a given day.

Contract jobs, I’m finding, often include the expectation that one is available almost immediately, which would require emergency substitutions of spouse, neighbors, and babysitters to cover short-term activities.  But, it is difficult to make contingency plans until and unless a position has been found.

I just have to keep chanting “it will all work out,”  “it will all work out.”


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