S is for Sales

This being a blog about job hunting, it seems obvious to note that most everything one does in a job hunt is all a sales effort, with the product being the job seeker.  In classic marketing terms, this means optimizing the four P’s – Product, Placement, Price and Promotion.  So I have to keep evaluating myself to see how I compare to the many other products on the market:

Product – Am I well-trained and current on technology and needed skills?  Do I play well with others?  Am I reliable?  Am I the right mix of skills and experience for the job that needs to be done?

Placement – am I in the right location?  Am I available when needed?  Can companies find me when they are in the market for an employee?  Am I easy to find?

Price – am I priced competitively, and/or do I provide good value?  Am I a premium product that’s worth extra, or am I overpriced?

Promotion –  how do I get the word out to employers?  What special features should be emphasized in the message to make them see me?Image 

I’m still “for sale” but I think I’m a great value – hope some company picks me up soon!


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