P is for Pornography

ImageGot your attention with that one, eh?  No, I don’t spend time looking at naughty pictures, but I do have a nasty little online habit that often distracts me from  what I’m supposed to be doing.  My weakness is…. travel planning.  When I’m on the computer, I find myself having uncontrollable urges to look at….expedia or kayak, to see what the current airfare to San Diego is, or perhaps VRBO to price rental homes on St. John, or or maybe just to google maps to see how far a drive it would be to visit Niagara Falls and some friends in Toronto.  It’s hard not to click through all of the Groupon getaway deals, not to mention reading travel blogs (current fave: Home Free Adventures).

I know others who admit to oogling recipes, or trolling pinterest for craft ideas, so I’m not so bad, right?  Listen, officer, it’s a free country – if I want to know how much it would cost to fly to Hong Kong in March, that’s my right, OK?  And I’m pretty sure that I’m not looking any non-consensual content.

I have more proposed itineraries than Greece has islands.  If I listen to those who follow the “live your dreams” school of job searching, this should probably tell me something.  In fact, at an earlier point in my life I did travel a lot – I once even needed to get one of those passport additions since I’d filled up all of the pages.  However, I live with a husband whose doesn’t share my gypsy-like tendencies, and two kids who are definitely not in favor of being home-schooled so we can travel about the country in a VW bus.   I’m rather fond of them all, so I’m stuck, geographically at least.  I do remember taking a career survey in high school that told me I should consider becoming a travel agent, but since that occupation has largely disappeared, it’s probably good I didn’t take the bait.

Being able to take exotic vacations again is one of the things motivating me to find a job, although there is some irony there in that I’ll have less time for travel once I’m employed full-time.  At least I can dream, and hopefully fit in a couple of great trips a year.   And when I get to that point, at least I will have worked out in advance which airlines fly to that destination and where the best places to stay are.

In the meantime I must return to priceline indeed.com  to scope out new job openings.


2 thoughts on “P is for Pornography

  1. Just last night my husband and I were talking about how, since we’re teachers, we have the TIME to travel, but also because we’re teachers, we lack the money to travel any more (we managed it pre-child, but life is more expensive now!). If we found jobs that gave us the finances to get back to traveling, we wouldn’t have the time. The big Catch-22 of life, isn’t it? But in any event, it’s fun to dream!

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