L is for Long-Term View

ImageI find that my job search focus has shifted somewhat.   After an enthusiastic start, which led to some good leads and promising interviews that all came to naught, and a recent lull that left the pipeline empty, I’m gearing up for the long-term.  As we get closer to summer, it would be easy to slack off, and say, hey, who wants to start working in June anyway when the kids will be home all summer, but I can’t afford to lose the momentum.  

I’m trying not to stress about every week that goes by without a job offer, as I should focus on the long-term.  After all, I’ll probably be working for at least 15-20 more years, so even if my first full-time job in my “new” career is a step or two lower on the ladder, or takes me a few months to find, I’m OK with that.  With that in mind, although I’m still looking for and applying for jobs, I’m also doing some self-study on project management and may do some software refresher classes, too.  I just hope companies will be open to hiring someone who is a bit older than the rest of the crew. 

I also know that I’m not the only one facing a challenging transition.  Among my circle of acquaintances is a professional soccer player who is nearing the end of his playing career.  His wife hasn’t been working, since they have three young children and have lived in four different cities in the past five years.  So their next few years are uncertain, too, as his next career might not pay as well as his current job.

I’m certainly motivated, and like to think that I’ll bring some extra life experience to the table without acting like a know-it-all.   I try not to read too many of the horror stories about people never being able to find another job, and I hope I’m not considered too old to learn on the job.  Unlike my friend, I’m not in a career path that is usually over by the time you are in your early 30s.

I’m hoping to be one who bucks the odds, and finds a corporate job after some time away.  For me, I don’t think pie in the sky ideas about doing what you love and finding that the money will follow are particularly helpful.   I can’t think how any of my interests translate to anything paying more than about $10 an hour (if that), and my training plans do not going back to get a college degree in a completely new field.   Even if they did, that would be assuming that a college degree would get me a job, which seems a heroic assumption in this economy anyway. 

So I’m slogging away, and hoping for some good luck, or inspiration.


One thought on “L is for Long-Term View

  1. I’m just starting to look again, and last week signed with a temp agency to get some short jobs, no matter how poorly paid, just to help me get back into the office mindset again – a kind of phased return to work, as I’m frankly dreading it. I’ll carry on temping (hopefully slightly better jobs than the first few) while I’m looking as I’m my only source of revenue, money has to be coming in. We’ll be fine, you and me, I feel it in my water. *high fives*

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