J is for Job

J is for Job, which I am in need of.  This letter in the A to Z Challenge is obvious, since my blog is about my job search experience.  I am also happy to report that yesterday I was jolted out of my job-hunting lull, and am back, full-speed.

In the past few weeks, I’d become a bit discouraged by the interviews that came to naught, and was busy in any case with spring break, out-of-town trips, doing our taxes, refinancing the mortgage (to get a lower rate – can’t believe rates are so low!), and so on.  All important stuff, but I hadn’t been devoting as much time as I should to the job search, and to be honest, the pipeline is pretty empty right now.

The jolt was a call from a recruiter.  He was recruiting for a position at a company I’d already done a phone interview with, but it turns out this new position could be a decent fit, and I know someone who just started there, so I’m back to the internal intelligence gathering. They are obviously doing a lot of hiring.

I also sent out what I called an “interim thank you” note to all of the people who’ve helped me in my job search thus far, letting them know that their help had not gone unappreciated, even though I was still in search mode.  That resulted in another potential lead.

So J is for the ongoing job hunt, I’m back to business now!

A to Z Challenge [2013]


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