H is for Hiking, Hell, and Happenstance

My first thought for today was to cheat, and repost one of my best-read posts, on: “Why Job Hunting is like Hiking”, but then I thought:

H could be for Hell, as in “what the hell was I thinking” in signing up for an activity that requires me to post a blog entry six days per week for a month.   Even odder is the fact that once I signed up, I felt compelled to complete the A to Z Challenge, even though no one is making me, and there would be no penalty if I chose not to do so.

It’s funny how goal-setting works — if a goal is something that can be measured and achieved within a fairly short timeframe, it is far more likely to happen than if it is a goal that is really big or something to do “someday.”   The key to achieving bigger goals seems to be to cut them into manageable chunks.

With my job search,  if I commit to calling two new networking contacts and finish reading Chapter 6 of my project management book today, and get my project management certification by the end of the month, I’m probably more likely to reach my end goal of a suitable job than if I don’t have these short-term goals.

Some goals take on a life of their own, however.  This blog started as a way to make myself accountable during my job search and help me self-process my experiences.  Over the last few months, I’m finding that I enjoy writing (more than job-hunting, actually, so I do need to limit my time with it).  From time to time, I’ve said I wanted to write a book “someday” but never had any specific plans on how to accomplish this.  I’m still not sure I’ll ever write a book, but some of the great writers’ blogs I’ve encountered have inspired me with a vision of how a book could evolve out of some the topics floating around in my head.  (None of which are related specifically to job hunting, by the way.)

So I’m going to say “H” is for Happenstance, or perhaps a burgeoning Hobby.  Heck, I’m even discovering the rollicking world of blog “awards,”  having been nominated for a Liebster Award by http://elegsabiff.wordpress.com/ .  This award is specific to the A to Z Challenge, and requests that each nominee in turn nominate 11 other participants, along with answering and asking a group of questions.  I can do math, so I know that if there are under 2,000 participants in the A to Z Challenge, and someone nominates 11, asking each of the 11 to nominate another 11,  everyone on the list would be nominated within a matter of days, even if a high percentage don’t participate.   Thank you for the gesture, EJ, though I’m opting to pass, at least for now!    Maybe I’ll feel up to the activity in a few days once I’ve put in some needed hours on my job search.

Happy hiking or blogging, whichever is your flavor, and here’s hoping you have success with your own goal setting.



3 thoughts on “H is for Hiking, Hell, and Happenstance

  1. Ha, I know and I also hesitated – but it’s a way of meeting 10 other bloggers? and rather more than just clicking on LIKE. I still feel you have to answer the questions 🙂

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