G is for Gratitude

A short post today for the A to Z Challenge:  in my job hunt and in my life in general, I’ve resolved to continue to express gratitude to the many people who’ve helped me. In my job search this includes people who’ve given me advice, helped me improve my resume, given me tips about job openings, providing networking comments, or just provided emotional support.  Some of these people I see every day, and some I’ve never met.  I’m very grateful, and resolve to say thanks when I can, and also to repay the favor by trying to be helpful to others.

This applies outside of the job search too, of course.  Many people go the extra mile, and should be thanked for their efforts.  I will try to remember to thank people, not take their actions for granted, and to also show my gratitude in action to others.

I’m also grateful for the positive interaction I’ve been receiving via this blog. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “G is for Gratitude

  1. This is my first time stopping by. Nice genuine post and a good outlook. Not sure how long you’ve been job hunting, but I always suggest instead of or in addition to applying for jobs, people start offering a service. This will help to teach how to sell, start a business, learn about marketing and advertising, copywriting, people skills, networking and how not to be dependent on another for a ‘job’. Just pick something you like doing and start offering to do that.

  2. Ryan, definitely food for thought, although I have to confess I’ve been down that road – not everything you like doing can actually be translated into a meaningful income.

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