E is for Ego

OK, the blogging probably isn’t going to help me find a job, but it is ego-stroking to see all the kind comments from people who have read my blog.  Thanks for the support!  I’ve also discovered some great blogs by others, with some talented writers.

 I do wonder about those folks who direct you to their blog so that you can learn about how to become rich from your own website.  If only it was really that easy.  There are some great travel blogs out there, but I wonder how many of those photos of people who are making their living by blogging and “living their dream life” at various beach resorts are really legit.   Skeptic that I am, I have a vision of a pasty guy living in his parents’ basement visiting various blogs in the middle of the night while eating greasy pepperoni pizza.

Still, thanks for all the great comments, and for the ego boost!


8 thoughts on “E is for Ego

  1. I do not promise anything on my blog but the simple passion I have for writing and storytelling. Some people are all about driving the traffic without delivering any content worthy of the readers time.

  2. I agree with Joe. I write for self-expression, it is a creative outlet for me. I agree with you on the picture in your head of what these get-rich-quick from blogging people really are doing. It reminds me of all the info commercials of how I got rich selling real estate, etc., If you buy my book you can be rich too. Now if I had gotten rich selling real estate, do you really think I would be doing an info commercial trying to get people to buy a book? That is how they get rich, preying on people’s greed, get rich without having to work hard for it mentality, and desire to “live the dream”. Good luck on your job search. I am looking too, but in a position where I can take my time to find the right match. I’m sure you will be successful.

  3. Thanks Joe and K – great writing is an end unto itself, but it’s nice when other people get the opportunity to read it. Thanks for commenting!

  4. I write just because I want to. If other people read it and like it, thats just a bonus. But mostly it is just for fun. I can promise you anyone who was successful with their blog did not start for the money.

  5. I feel the same way when I get spammed by a get-rich-on-your-blog post. I like to think that this whole process of creating and writing a blog will help me assess who I’ve been and who I want to be, as well as to network with others and teach myself some technology skills. Whatever else comes of it is gravy.

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