D is for Distractions

I’ve found writing a blog to be very therapeutic, but I also find that it always takes me longer that I planned to write and edit my posts.  As blogging is unlikely to directly result in a job offer, one could argue that it’s a distraction that is taking up time that I should be using in my job search.  With a family, a full slate of volunteer commitments, our current policy stance to save money by not outsourcing time-consuming tasks like cleaning, cooking, yard work (and right now, income tax preparation),  my job search time is already limited as it is.  I’m working to exit some of my volunteer gigs by identifying replacements and/or completing terms, and will leap for joy the day that I can hire someone to clean the house, but for now, those tasks must go on.

I’m hoping that the self-learning I’m getting by putting my thoughts on paper justifies the time spent away for job searching, but I need to be mindful of the time spent, so my apologies if some of my A to Z posts are perfunctory.


5 thoughts on “D is for Distractions

  1. Distractions are the story of my life. When I can manage them, I do well. But when they get the best of me, I flounder. There’s is so much out there. Just keep writing, short or long. It doesn’t matter. Have a nice day.

  2. It is a full time job to look for one. Good luck in your job search. I have a full time job and still have to clean my own house and long for that luxury as you do.
    I am a seasoned HR professional if there is anything I can review or questions I can answer I’m happy to help.

  3. You’re so right that blogging can be a distractor. I’d much rather be blogging than doing about 90% of the things on my to do list! Which is a problem…. Good for you for trying to find the right balance, and I’m hoping a job pans out for you soon. You seem to have a great attitude about the search.

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