C is for Crossing My Fingers

It’s always frustrating being in limbo after an interview, especially when you’ve been told that a few other candidates are also being interviewed.   What are they looking for?  Am I still in the running?  What are the other candidates like?  Do any of them have an inside track?  Did the required Caliper personality assessment test (required in this case) work for or against me?   How can I follow up without being a pest?

With this particular company, my only inside contact works in another division, in another location, and was not someone I know personally, so I’m not likely to get any intelligence there.   Now that it has been almost two weeks since my interview, maybe the “C” should stand for closure.  I’m guessing that if I was their leading candidate, I would at least have received a response to my follow-up email saying they were still looking or telling me where they were.  Silence often means they have a leading candidate, and just don’t want to formally notify other candidates until that person has accepted.  Still, it would be nice to receive notification of that decision so I’d have closure.

So, we’ll say C is for closure, and move on!Image


5 thoughts on “C is for Crossing My Fingers

  1. I hate that part – been there too many times! I wish they were more considerate of those of us out of the running that are sitting around crossing our fingers… Best to you on your search!

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