Looking back on the past couple of months, one of the things that stands out is that I’m more resilient than I was in an earlier stage of my life.  Yes, it’s true I didn’t get a job that I really wanted.  But I don’t take that as a personal rejection, nor do I have a grudge against the company or interviewer for not picking me.  Had this happened when I was interviewing at 22, I think I might have reacted differently, and viewed it more as a personal negation of my worth or skills.

The reality in this job market is even if I had eight or nine of the qualities and skills they were looking for, another candidate probably had all ten. I’m encouraged by the fact that I got to a third (two- hour-plus) interview, and the first two interviews (one with an HR person, another with the hiring manager) were far from perfunctory.  So I know that I was carefully considered, and was within the top three or four out of hundreds who might have applied for the position.  When I got the call telling me the bad news, I asked and received feedback that they were looking at an internal candidate, and one who had worked with that specific product. (Thus, the ten out of ten.)

Another thing to keep in mind: I don’t have to convince every company that I’m the best person for their job, I only need to convince one.  So it’s just a matter of plugging away until I find that one.


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