The Hidden Job Market

Ok, I can now attest that the hidden job market I’ve read a lot about really does exist.  Last week, I got a phone call inviting me to a job interview this coming week for a job that has apparently not been posted, and for which they are reportedly considering just two people.  (I’m one of them.)  This came via a wonderful networking contact I’ve yet to have meet in person, and who works for someone I was introduced to by a friend.   The contact works with an organization that she thought was in the process of creating a new position.   Then, lo and behold, the phone call came asking if I’d like to interview for said position.

I have a lot of questions about the position, as it does not seem to be clearly defined, but it is gratifying to see things moving along!  I guess I’ll find out more at the interview.

I’m still planning to keep answering ads, though.  To me at least, there seems to be more employment activity than a few months ago, more job postings of interest, more stories of people I know getting jobs.  I hope this is a broader trend!


6 thoughts on “The Hidden Job Market

  1. I really enjoy your blogs, they are written in a similar style to mine (with less scathing opinions of ones ex boss/bosses as soon to be revealed!) and they are helpful too, I shall keep reading with interest! Stacey

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