Mind the Gap

Last week I had a series of phone conversations with a staffing agency who wanted to submit my resume for a position.  The topic was further clarification on what I’ve been up to in the past few years, since my resume has a few gaps.   Fortunately, I’ve done some periodic independent contractor work for a small company that’s relevant, so that was on the resume and filled part of the gap.  I had opted to leave off some of my recent experience that was completely unrelated to the job.  If I had not, the top jobs on my resume would have been playing tour guide to groups of foreign teenagers and running a custom apparel company, which is probably not what a bank is looking for when hiring a project manager.  In the end, we decided it made sense to add these jobs to the end of the resume in an “other” section along with my list of volunteer activities.

It remains to be seen if the bank wants to hire a contractor who has spent the past few years doing things other than massaging the cogs in the wheels of a large organization, but at least I can show them that I wasn’t in jail or rehab.  Phone screening interview with the bank is next week, so we’ll see how they feel about “other” experience.



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