Cautiously Optimistic

Between about 10am and 2pm today, while I was out on one of my volunteer gigs, the following transpired:

  • Got a request for a phone interview with a company recruiter for a position I’ve been following and networking for a couple of weeks.
  • Confirmed the time for a second (phone) interview, with the actual hiring manager at another company
  • Had a detailed discussion with a staffing firm recruiter, regarding a contractor position for which my resume will likely be submitted today.
  • Got two form rejection e-mails (one from a black hole application, one for a position for which I’d had a phone interview).  Kudos to those companies for at least closing the loop.  It’s much better than never getting a response.
  • Set up a new networking interview for later this week.
  • Learned that one of my networking contacts lost his job.  Hoping I can provide him with some leads.

It seems that HR people are very busy on Mondays!  While there’s no guarantee any of these will result in a real live job, it is somewhat encouraging.

Sometimes I try to amuse myself by projecting the likelihood of a job, based on the current pipeline, like a sales forecast.   For example, I assume a resume to a black hole (and I only apply for positions for which I think I’m well qualified) is about a 1 in 200 chance of a job, but goes up to about 1 in 50 if I can connect with someone internally who can get my resume to a real person who will look at it, 1 in 20 if I can reach the hiring manager or get to the screening interview stage with an HR person.  Odds go to 1 in 5 if I get an in-person interview, 1 in 2 or better if I know them from a previous job.  

 None of these odds are based on any kind of scientific analysis.   (And frankly, I don’t want to be doing this long enough to have a statistically significant n.)  It does help keep me going, and encourages me to keep filling the pipeline. 

In the end, my job hunt IS a sales activity, and the product is ME, so I might as well try to have a sales forecast.

 Happy forecasting, fellow job-hunters!


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