Why Job Hunting is Like Hiking

Why Job Hunting is Like Hiking

Due to school holidays, I’ve recently spent less time at my computer and more time doing other things. During a winter hike in brisk, sunny weather yesterday, it occurred to me that the job hunt is a lot like a hike:

1. Sometimes when you get to the top of a hill, you are on top of the world….and sometimes you find you’ve got yet another hill to climb.
2. You’ll enjoy the hike more, and travel further if you leave unnecessary baggage at home.
3. It’s important to have a map and compass. Know where you are going, and stop frequently to make sure you are on course.
4. Don’t be afraid to ask for directions if you need to, but don’t count on always finding someone to ask.
5. Good company makes the journey easier.
6. The things you find most interesting along the way are often not what you expected to see.
7. If you want to see wildlife, walk quietly and listen carefully.
8. Watch where you step, and try not to trip. But realize that everyone falls down at some point.
9. Be willing to help fellow hikers in distress.
10. It’s important to dress appropriately for the climate.


6 thoughts on “Why Job Hunting is Like Hiking

  1. As in hiking it is always important to know what you can handle but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to go further and higher.

  2. So when the folks you work with or for tell you to “Go take a hike” this advice will come in handy. Also if one is in the unfortunate position to have to tell someone else to “Go take a hike” this is good advice to give them. Also it helps to belong to a hiking club as the journry is fmore fulfilling with companions to share the experiences.
    Likewise never snear at folks on the hiking trail, because the fickle finger of fate could be lurking somewhere around the corner and you may be next on the trail.
    Lastly wear good hiking boots — long or short and for sure there will be rocks and thorny things on the trail.
    Happy trails to all until we meet again.

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