A So-So Week

A couple of resumes went nowhere, a bit of potential contract work has been postponed indefinitely, and I’m assuming no news is bad news on an interview that had at least gotten to the phone screen stage. (Why can’t they at least send the “thanks but no thanks” form email if they won’t return a call?)  And obviously, nothing resembling a job yet.

Still, I’ve had several contacts send me job openings.  Even though none has been quite suitable for me, at least I know people are helping me.  Am trying to keep my own eyes open for fellow job-seekers. Had a couple of good networking interviews in an organization I’m quite interested in.  They have no openings at the moment, but one never knows what the future might hold.  Have another one with a different organization set up for next week. 

One great bit of news – a former colleague and thoroughly decent guy just landed a much anticipated job.  He’s been helpful in my job search, and quite handily will be starting with a large organization I’ve been trying to get inside of, in a similar area.  But most of all, I’m thrilled to see a well-deserving person land in a place that will make their life substantially better, in his case knocking a least 1 1/2 hours off of his daily commute.

I’ve been wrestling with what to have in my LinkedIn summary, and I think I’ve changed it about five times this week.  I had something I thought was kind of funny addressing the “elephant in the room” of having worked mostly part-time jobs for several years, but got a strong suggestion that I should change anything that could give a recruiter pause.  So I went plain and boring, which makes me look like the many other people competing for any given job.  I realize that I need a job more than a creative writing award, but I’m still not satisfied with what I have. 

I do think that I’ll vomit if I have to read another summary about a “results-driven professional” who “strives for excellence.”   As if most of us poor slobs are striving for mediocrity?  I’m secretly dying to create a fake profile for someone who “beleives in attenshun to detail” and has “excalant writing skills.”  However, I realize I should instead spend my time looking for gainful employment, and so I shall soldier on.

March on, fellow soldiers!


2 thoughts on “A So-So Week

  1. Keep it up. I know jobs are hard to find. I assume your in the information technology field? I hate the word mediocrity , I see it every day. I had a coworker quit his job with us bc of that reason. I feel his pain ,some people will drive me nuts with the I guess that’s good enough attitude. I said no we can do better ,we strive to make it the best we can. Then I get the weird look like why would I do more than I have to. I’m not in your shoes directly but I understand. Right now your doing better than most. Your actively seeking a job. Some just give up or get lazy and live of the gov. Keep you head up. Good luck. Solider On

  2. Thanks for sharing. I ran across a job ad last week that made me laugh for several hours. They were looking for someone with excellent poof-reading skills. 🙂

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