A Good Week

It’s been a pretty good week on the job search front.

Had a fabulous networking lunch with a very high-level executive I happen to have a personal connection with.  Not only is she a wonderful, generous person, but she has plenty of contacts in organizations I’d be interested in working for, having worked in both of my targeted fields of financial services and non-profits.

Got a lead on a potential short-term gig, although the position hasn’t been formulated yet.  I guess this is an example of the “hidden job market” I keep reading about. 

A job posting I liked was filled internally.  But, I got this feedback from an insider who gave me some good company intel, got my resume to the hiring manager, and followed up with me afterwards.  This is a person I’ve never even met, who I found via networking.  He’s definitely earned some positive karma.

Got my resume in front of another hiring manager via another networking contact.   Think this one sounds promising.   Had a great phone conversation, and suspect that this kind person is willing to help in part because she was in the same boat (re-entering the job market) a few years ago.

Had a HR screening phone interview for a position that sounds quite interesting.  Thought it went well, will find out if I’m right next week.

Even had an organization pick up on my blog, who might be interested in it for promotional purposes (after I get a job, of course). 

So far, so good!  I realize it’s a numbers game.  Most, if not all, of these opportunities will not turn into anything.  I am confident that one will, someday soon.  And each contact I make increases the odds of getting to the job I am going to find.


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