The Summing Up, Month One

This being the first of the month, some quantitative statistics seem in order.  For the past three weeks, I estimate I’ve spent about 15-20 hours a week in job search-related activities. 

This includes blogging, networking, and research, but does not include time spent in volunteer work that may or may not be building skills relevant to an eventual position.  It also does not count time spent cleaning out a closet when that seemed to be a more urgent priority than making phone calls to people I didn’t know.  (Bonus: locating several umbrellas I didn’t know we had.)

  • Number of potential new positions I’ve had discussions with people about, that might or might not turn into a real job at some point: 3
  • Actual interviews from a job posting: 1 (no word yet, but I’m not hopeful)
  • New contacts on LinkedIn:  at least 20
  • People who’ve walked or emailed my resume to a hiring manager for an open position : 2
  • Resumes I’ve submitted into an HR black hole for open positions: 2
  • Formerly complete strangers I’ve met for coffee: 1
  • Friends of friends/ acquaintances I’ve met for coffee: 2
  • Phone conversations with people I worked with years ago: 3
  • Email exchanges with people I worked with years ago: at least 10
  • Phone conversations with complete strangers who are friends with people I worked with years ago: 1
  • Phone conversations with  friends from graduate school I haven’t spoken to in about 20 years: 1
  • Job-related CRM tool I’ve started using: 1 (JibberJobber, although I’m using it mostly as a tickler for people I need to follow up with.)
  • Blog posts: 8

Actual job offers: 0  

All in all, I don’t think that’s too bad of an effort so far.


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