Paying It Forward

Once again, I have to comment on how helpful people have been in my job search.  It is restorative to my faith in humanity.  Even when there’s nothing in it for them, they still want to be nice.  My goal in return is to be as helpful as I can, not just to those who have aided me, but to others I have no vested interest in helping.  And not just related to job hunting.

So far, a total stranger and very lovely person met me to tell me about her job (which I covet).  Friends and friends of friends have been willing to share coffee, take calls, provide advice, and pass on job descriptions, and people I worked with many years ago have been willing to forward my resume on with a strong recommendation.  Thanks to all, and I hope I can repay the favor.  If not to you, then to someone else.

And maybe we should all link hands and sing a round of kumbaya, while we’re at it?

I don’t have anything resembling as much as an interview yet coming out of this process, let along a job offer, but I am optimistic that the networking process is working as it should, kumbaya, or no kumbaya.  And I really will try to be helpful.

Even odder, I’ve done absolutely nothing whatsoever to promote my blog (none of my friends and family are even aware I have one) but quite a few people have stumbled upon my posts.

Go figure.  Or is that evidence of how much time people really waste online?  Isn’t there more compelling content out there, such as videos of cats and the coming zombie apocalypse?


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