Is SEO Really that Difficult?

I’m always intrigued when I see people marketing SEO optimization strategies, or looking for SEO experts in job postings.  Is it really a huge scary specialty, like having a PhD in nuclear engineering?

I’m no expert, and this is my first blog.  But it seems that the basics aren’t really rocket science.  So it’s always refreshing to see someone put out no-nonsense information without the expert BS.  Here’s one example, from Patrick McFadden.  Yes, he’s trying to sell his consulting services, but he has some good, commonsense information available on his website, such as this article:   The Beginners Guide to SEO Strategy.


One thought on “Is SEO Really that Difficult?

  1. Thanks for the pingback! It’s funny that you mention my services because the reason I wrote that post was to give beginners like myself some clarity. I’m not a SEO expert as well but I am a practitioner like everyone else.

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