Making Hay While the Sun Shines

Having hoarding tendencies does have its advantages.  No, I don’t live in a trailer filled with newspapers and 83 cats.  Although I’m quite fond of our one remaining elderly cat, and have been known to leave piles of magazines and books laying around…hmm, guess I better watch that…  

I’m happy to note that I’ve been fairly good at hoarding money.  I’ve always maxed out my 401k accounts, and required my husband to do the same as a condition of marriage, after he passed my inspection of his tax records and other finances.  (I did this after a friend found out her husband had a lot of debt after they got married, and would recommend that everyone do the same.)  We’ve been decent at socking away portions of bonuses and the like, too.

I’d strongly recommend to anyone just starting out that you max out your 401k, even if you have a low salary, or at least add to it whenever you get a raise.  Really, you don’t miss the money much if you never see it, and it makes a huge difference later on, with all that compounding.  Plus, you can’t assume you’ll be happily earning top dollar until you are 65.

In any case, since we made some hay while the sun was shining, we’re OK with one job, for the moment.  Although this doesn’t work long-term.  Not unless we want to retire to the double wide next to the woman with the cats.


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