How it all began

“My name is Kelly, and I’m an unemployed job seeker.“   Is this what it feels like at your first AA meeting?   To finally put it out there?   I’ve lived in the dark underworld of part-time underemployment for some time, but am now forced by economic reality to face the rough seas of serious job-hunting in a very stormy market.  This blog will be my record of that journey.  (Sans the seasickness, I hope.)

I cannot whine too much, as my family is better off than many.  For many years my husband had a very good job.  He lost that job in a downsizing after 19 years of service, but has found a new one that brings him a great deal of personal satisfaction.  The downside: what he gained in satisfaction, he lost in compensation, since he has moved to the non-profit sector.  We have always been savers, so we are in no danger of losing our home or missing any bill payments any time soon.  However, if we want to be able to avoid drawing down our nest egg, and afford a decent retirement and college tuition, I need to find a real job.  Plus, I want to start taking real vacations again.

Here is how it began: I quit my last full-time job about six years ago.  It was an hour’s commute each way, and we were transitioning from the world of day care (available 7am to 6pm if you needed it) to the world of public education, which begins with that bane of the working parents’ existence called half-day kindergarten.  This meant that IF we could figure out the before-school time,  our older daughter would have ridden a bus from school to an afternoon program , then transitioned to a second program when the full-day elementary students arrived.   I just couldn’t do that to her, especially when I was an hour away, should anything happen.  Our previous daycare was at the husband’s place of employment, so he could help with the removal of sick and injured offspring when needed.

Yes, I’m aware that there are many others, including single parents, who never had that luxury of choice to quit a job.  I have to say in my defense that we are entirely lacking in that strategic resource called “extended family members in the vicinity.”

I plan to continue blogging with details on my job-seeking experience, observations along the way, and random musings about tangentially related topics.


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